Friday, June 27, 2008

C'mon Dad, Help Me Out

I'm off this morning for my summer vacation in Olympia, so will be neglecting Suburban Zen for the next few days. While I lounge on the beach, I thought I'd send a question into cyberspace for loyal Suburban Zen readers (that's you, Dad) to ponder and discuss:

How do you store all your games, toys, art supplies so they don't become the primary decor statement in your house, but are still easy for the kids to access and put away by themselves?

Some moms, like my two sisters-in-law, are lucky enough to have a separate playroom. Casa de los Furbers is not quite so spacious, so the struggle to store all that stuff so it's out of site, but easy for the kids to find and put away by themselves is ongoing. Toy chests are not my favorite because they tend to be designed for kids, so don't look so great in the shared family spaces, and I always worry that the lid will slam on some body part while I'm not looking.

I'll be meditating on the same question, and hope to come back to the holy grail of storage solutions. C'mon Dad, don't let me down!

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Anonymous said...

for starters one can purchase medium to large plastic tubs, throw away the lids, are the kids with paints and viola, each child has their own personally designed and decorated storage unit that also looks like it was designed to fit right into any family room. plastic tubs have rounded edges to prevent nasty cuts and bruises.

am still thinking about it tho. will ponder the question in my air conditioned garage while i watch the cubbies win again.

Anonymous said...

I am partial to armoires and have them scattered about Hacienda del Cutts. The more rustic the better - additional marker scribbles, paint, scratches and dents add to the personality of these bad boys.

We have two different large-and-in-charge armoires in our hall; one for games, art supplies and projects d' jour; the other holds my vast array of "stuff" that circulates as accessories in different rooms throughout the year. The piece that sits outside to hold pool towels and goggles has weathered the Arizona sun for almost a decade (yes, almost a decade) and still looks fab!

The newest addition is my favorite: a metal captain's trunk from a sailing vessel that sits about five feet high in my kitchen and hides all of our phone books (we actually still use the yellow pages!), pens without ink, pencils and the assorted scrap paper that we can never seem to find. Rather than pictures on the fridge, we now have pictures stuck on the big orange trunk with vintage magnets...but that's a story for another day.

Gotta go now - I see some stuff laying around that needs to be shoved in Big Orange.

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